First Time: Spur

Our First Timers have a taste for life. So it only made sense that I surprised them with a trip to the birthplace of Chico the Clown for our last adventure of 2014. When I pulled up in their street, I could hear them bursting with excitement as they yelled “Sista Inga!” from behind the Trellidoor. They were all dressed to impress in their pretty party dresses. After all, we had a lot to celebrate seeing as Nelly had been released from hospital weeks before.

The kids wanted to pile into my car as soon as I pulled on the hand brake. But I had plenty more tricks up my sleeve. And by “tricks” I mean presents. Load and loads of prezzies I scored by entering a competition from The Hub. I gathered all the kids and Mamma M in the living room where I played Santa and handed out all of the goodies.

While they were tearing through the shiny gift-wrapping paper and grabbing at what was inside. I was humbled and surprised by what got them excited. They weren’t as interested in the Disney T-shirts, comfy slippers or even the sugary sweets. The number one hit was… toothbrushes! They were so excited that they even wanted to take it with them to Spur. After all the laughing and explaining why they wouldn’t need toothbrushes for our adventure, we all jumped in my car and headed off to my local Spur.

The moment we walked into the restaurant, little Lerato yelled “People with a taste for life!” . It was a total had-to-be-there moment and I couldn’t stop laughing!



Kids with a taste for life!


The Spur was great. We ordered “Green Coke” which is what the kids call Creme Soda and we all ate Cheeseburgers followed by ice cream. To be honest, all the kids wanted to do was play on the jumping castle. They had minimal interest in the food itself. Except for Pumpkin who decided that she would rather make a chip roll than eat a hamburger patty. Beans also thought it would be a great place to practice using a knife and fork. Surprisingly her party dress did not get ruined in the process. Then came the best part… the jumping castle!

Green coke

Yummy Green Coke

Chip roll

Getting crafty! Making myself a chip roll.

Knife & Fork

Queen of Cutlery

And it true Spur style, we ended the day off with ice cream, face painting and squashing an insane amount of balloons in the back of my car!



Face Painting

How cute?


Spur Kisses

Us again

Smiley Selfies


Nelly is feeling much better!




First Time: In Joburg Gen Hospital

I wish I could say it was Nelly’s first time in a hospital. But it wasn’t. It was my first time. I was visiting her.

Nelly has a kidney problem that’s been plaguing her her whole little life. I am the worst possible person to explain a medical condition but nonetheless here it goes…

Screen shot 2014-12-02 at 1.30.30 PM

Nelly was born with a hole in one of her kidneys. That means it can’t perform normally. So all the toxins and other “stuff” leak into her body. Causing her to swell.

Sometimes when I visit Nelly she looks very puffy and swollen but when Mamma M called me a week ago and said that Nelly was so swollen that she couldn’t even see out of her eyes, I knew it was different this time around.

Nelly has been in hospital for a week. Now, hospitals suck in general. Especially government hospitals like this one. But the nurses from the children’s ward are taking very good care of Nelly. She looks much better already and she has made so many friends. In fact, she had two other little patients sitting on her hospital bed when I walked into the ward. Ag bless! I laughed because she is just like Mamma M. She is a Mamma Nelly at the tender age of 12.

Hospital 1

Mamma Nelly

I also spruced up the ward by giving each of the girls a manicure (or I tried at least.) And the Christmas red nail polish was a hit!

Hospital 3

Mani’s for all the girlies.

P.S I have had to postpone my year end adventure/ grand finale with the kids. We are all waiting and wishing for Nelly to have a speedy recovery so that we can go and celebrate. In fact, I have already told all the other First Timers that on our next outing we are going to pretend it’s Nelly’s birthday. Insert prezzies, singing and cake here. Watch this space!


First Time: Hub Shopping Spree

Me oh mi! I am thanking my lucky stars as I am typing this. Because thanks to a wonderful retail shop called  The Hub I won a shopping voucher. Actually. Let me rephrase. We won a shopping voucher. And by “we”,  I mean all my lovely little First Timers.


The Hub had wayyyyy to many gorgeous summer dresses and pretty sandals in my size. It just made it too hard for me to decide what I wanted to buy. On the brightside, it made splurging the whole voucher on my First Timers incredibly easy.

I was a First Timer myself. It was my very first time buying children’s clothing and I had to make sure I got the sizes just right because everything looked…uhm…well… so small! I forgot how tiny children are. Luckily for me, the well informed size experts aka shop assistants where there to help me out.

Talking about tiny things, I got little Beans a t-shirt that she is never going to take off. And that’s my well-educated prediction because I have seen the power that Dora the Explorer has over tiny people. The other goodies I got are equally impressive. The kiddies are going to love their Disney printed shirts. I made sure I chose ones with lots of glitter and sequence to match their colourful personalities. And because it’s cute. (FYI, that’s the number one girl rule to shopping).


I am planning to do something spectacular for our final adventure of 2014. Think of it as a Christmas party meets Year End Function meets the exact moment you heard that the Spice Girls might be reuniting. Yup. It’s going to be big! The countdown has already begun.

In the meantime, please enjoy these pics of me posing enthusiastically with my new buddies on my very first Hub Shopping Spree!





Backseat Drivers

Being a First Timer can be exhausting. When all the adrenalin and candy wears off and it gets really quiet in the backseat…I know it’s been a good day! Here are some of my favourite sleepy snaps!

Screen shot 2014-11-26 at 3.03.17 PM

Screen shot 2014-11-26 at 3.03.34 PM

Screen shot 2014-11-26 at 3.03.27 PM



First Time: Swimming

Yup. You read right. It was their first time swimming!

I drive past the Linden Swimming Pool every week. I know it very well because that’s where I swam in school galas and where I was forced to wear an embarrassing Pollyotter . So for me, it’s nothing special. Or so I thought…


The kids have been begging me for months to take them swimming. And by begging I mean they went all out (insert puppy dog eyes here). When Mamma M bought them swimming costumes it just sent their excitement levels into overdrive. At first I was a bit nervous (insert breathing into a brown paper bag here) because I am the only one of us who knows how to swim! (Shout out to my mom for those Saturday swimming lessons)

So coolerbag and towels in hand we entered the premise. The kids got rid of their clothes as soon as we entered the gates. I followed the trail of shirts and shorts to the shallow kiddies pool. Our First Timers actually had no idea that there was a massive heated indoor swimming pool behind them. So when I called them to come and swim with me in the “big pool” they were completely overwhelmed. In fact, overwhelmed is an underwhelming statement. They were scared. But once I jumped in and showed them some nifty swimming tricks like how to float and cling onto the wall, they were fine. In fact… fast forward 3 hours later, I had to gently persuade them out of the pool with juice boxes. They just didn’t want to climb out because by that time they had made so many friends.



Not to get all emo or anything but the whole experience was incredibly touching. Only after dropping them off at home and actually reflecting on the day did I become really quiet, really teary eyed and really overwhelmed myself. There is nothing that can be compared to sharing their first swim with them. Through all our adventures together I have realised that these kids have given my the wonderful opportunity see the world (and a pool) in a different way.

Screen shot 2014-11-26 at 2.52.16 PM

Now every time I drive past the pool, I have a new found respect and admiration for it. This was by far one of the most memorable days of my life. Nelly agrees. She told me that this was her favourite adventure too. So I promised to take her back very soon. To be continued…

10556251_10205286534861263_7871604535176204743_n 10686809_10205286539381376_165554251127968693_n




First Time: The Zoo

Our trip to the Johannesburg Zoo was absolutely brilliant! The kids went completely wild. Excuse the pun.

Once we spotted the sleeping lions, the kids decided to wake them up (along with every other animal in a 5km radius) with a stage worthy perfomance of Katy Perry’s “Roar”.

It’s safe to say – that our all of our first timers definitely have “the eye of the tiger”…













First Time: Baby’s day out

One thing is for sure about these kids, they loooooove to play! Come rain or shine, there is no jungle gym high enough and there’s no swing low enough.

At home, it’s hard for the kids to play outside because there is not enough space. So I like to choose places where they can go wild on the jungle gyms.

pIC 9

I discovered this epic one at the Heathway Centre and afterwards we enjoyed a boerie roll and some froyo. It was baby Thato’s first time joining us and the excitement got her very quickly. Meaning that she slept through the WHOLE THING! So we will have to reschedule.

Pic 1 Pic 3                      pIC 7  PIC 10 Pic 5 mAMMA